The Golden Age of Flat Track Racing
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Hear the Thunder? WELCOME to the new and improved 2 Wheel Thunder website celebrating the
Golden Age of Bay Area Flat Track racing. We hope you enjoy the memories here. Many thanks are in
order to some very special people who have made this website possible including first and foremost,
the late great Dick McAfee and his wife Ramona who have contributed large amounts of photographs
and facts. You will see some of Dicks handwriting on some of the photos.

Your webmaster was honored and inspired by Mr. McAfee through conversations, emails and his
wonderful handwritten letters recalling and sharing his personal flat-track journey. The photo above is
Dick standing by a replica of his tried and true #88 Triumph T100 he raced at Daytona 1949 and his
beloved Cessna 150. Doesn't he look proud! I will forever remember Dick and his jovial character and
great racing stories, a legend and genuine gentleman. Another huge contributor to the site is Mike
Raber of
RABERS PARTS MART in San Jose, CA., of which includes a huge portion of the
photographs here. This website is dedicated to the memory of Dick McAfee and all of his fellow
competitors that adorn this little spot of Flat-Track history.   
Enjoy the ride...
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Be sure and visit this new feature to read up on many great stories and remembrances submitted by Fans
and Family like you. Come join the Fun and participate sharing the good ole times.
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updated - March 3, 2013

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Photo courtesy Chris Rudy