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VTPR glider aerobatics was invented in France. It consists of flying radio controlled aerobatic gliders very close to the
ground without inertia and with extreme agility. This requires a no fear approach to flying. The models are purposely
designed and built very light yet very maneuverable. This type of airframe allows the pilot the creative opportunity to
explore current and new maneuvers that sometimes seem to defy normal RC flight. VTPR flying style is becoming more and
more popular around the world. Thanks to French and other European pilots sharing video of VTPR sequences, North
Americans are now climbing aboard.

Conventional aerobatics consisting of rolls, loops, stall turns and inverted flight offer the pilot a very enjoyable experience
and increasing one’s skills. VTPR though is suited for those who wish to venture into the extreme on the edge flying
experience to the pilots and models full capabilities. All in all, French VTPR aerobatics offers the pilot a canvas to explore
the ultimate adrenalin rush in a dangerous yet smooth, and majestic style of silent flight.
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here within. Always make appropriate model and controls pre-flight checks. Keep the environmental damage to a minimum. Always fly where the risk of intruding on wild life and people is negligible.
VTPR (voltige très près du relief)
"aerobatics very close to the terrain" style slope soaring
UPDATE, 1 March, 2012: - LQQK at our PSP slope VTPR models
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UPDATE, 1 Jan, 2013: - Visit the NEW Old S'CooL Hobbies site here
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UPDATE, 22 March, 2012: - New VTPR blog launched
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UPDATE, 19 September, 2012: VTPR contest event formats under
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Get into the mix, test judge and score the on-line contest videos
UPDATE, 22 June, 2011: - NEW American VTPR movement underway
posted here
9 July, 2011 marks the day a new effort in American VTPR history. A core group of flyers got serious and decided to put on the countries first ever VTPR
specific aerobatic meeting. Its an exciting and innovative time for the sport and modeling in America that seems to have no limits and large doses of fun! This
first meeting delivered an awareness VTPR in America is alive.

Upon the launching of this website in 2010 its owner had in mind of someday contributing to making this a reality but thats when the groundwork began. I can
now say with confidence this first meeting has met its goals sparking new and real interest among slope soaring circles.

The meeting sites are selected from a list of top rated soaring locations from central to southern California and the mountains of northern Arizona coined the
VTPR triangle. Good slopes that are often seen in Europe and France are non existent in the southwest American landscape consequently creating a different
presentation of VTPR. Its whats termed as
Americanized VTPR. Further discussion on this topic is listed can be accessed here.

Follow along as this new movement grows in popularity. The links below are videos of meeting #1.

Meeting Presentation  :  Performance 1  :  Performance 2  :  Performance 3  :  Performance 4  :  Performance 5  :  Fun Fly
Surf through the model links where you will find many shapes and sizes of model gliders specifically made for this exciting
type of flying. The quest for model improvement in VTPR also motivates experimentation with new and modified airframes,
and gear set-ups.

We hope you visit frequently as the sport continues to grow in 2013. We will keep you up to date with new models, contests
and information as it surfaces. Feel free to submit your VTPR videos and model builds and we will post them with full credits.

Good Lift...E
UPDATE, 12 May, 2012: - New VOL-LENT 2.5 meter VTPR lightweight
Flys successfuly
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updated: 1 March, 2013
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